My Games

Greetings and welcome to my game page. Here you will find information as well as download links to games I have developed. Currently there are two games available; I.R.I.S – DefOp and Ninjas Don’t Fall.

If you enjoy these games, do leave a rating at their respective stores. It really helps me out. Cheers!

I.R.I.S – DefOp (iOS, Android, Web)

I.R.I.S – DefOp (short for Defensive Operation) is an arcade style defense game for iOS and Android devices. The objective is to defend the secret lab from enemy invasion, using only beam gates and a limited counter-measure move that destroys everything surrounding the lab – the Pulse Bomb. Personally, this is the most complex game I have ever developed, taking close to 6 months to complete.

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I.R.I.S – DefOp Dual Blaster Edition for the most part plays similarly like its mobile counterpart, except this version has dual turrets.

P.S – Do set up a free account over at GameJolt to gain access to the game’s leaderboard and trophies.

Ninjas Don’t Fall (iOS, Android)

Ninjas Don’t Fall is a simple jumping game, where the objective is to get as high as possible. The game is sort of a blend between two popular mobile games; Flappy Bird and Doodle Jump. After the long development period for I.R.I.S – DefOp, I wanted to make a game that was much simpler. All in all, Ninjas Don’t Fall took me about a week plus to complete including the game’s pixel graphics

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