My Games

Greetings and welcome to my game page. Here you will find information as well as download links to games I have developed.

If you enjoy these games, do share them with your families and friends. It helps out. Thanks!

Def-Op : Codename I.R.I.S Dual Blaster (Web Game)

The objective of this game is to survive 10 waves of enemy attacks. Requires both keyboard and mouse. Optimized to be played on Google Chrome browser.

Def-Op : Codename I.R.I.S (iOS)

The gameplay for the mobile version is significantly different compared to the web version due to lack of mouse and physical keys. The objective is similar however, that is to survive waves of enemy attacks.

Ninjas Don’t Fall (iOS)

Ninjas don’t fall is a simple jumping game, made within a time frame of two weeks. It was a side project to try out something different to what I have developed in the past.