I’ve Just Released A New Sprite Pack – Pixel SideScroller Spaceships

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on Pixel SideScroller Spaceships and it’s now available on itch.io. This sprite pack contains 30 unique ships, divided into 6 different colors.

Other sites (like GameDevMarket and Scirra Store) will take some time since they need to go through a review process. Will update this post when they are available there.

My Own Take on Bowsette. Meet Yoshiette!

Bowsette is the a popular meme that recently went viral on the internet. It started when Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. That trailer introduced a new playable character called Toadette and she has the ability to turn into Peachette (a character that looks very similar to Princess Peach) by consuming an item called Super Crown. A twitter user that goes by the handle @ayyk92 drew a comic that depicts Bowser taking in a Super Crown which transform him into Bowsette and the rest is history. You can read more about the meme’s origin here.

Within hours, tons of Bowsette fanarts and comics began to surface. Not only that, artists began to turn other Mario game characters into their ‘ette’ form as well. I noticed that Yoshi didn’t get much love so I decided to turn Yoshi into Yoshiette. Hope you enjoy the artwork!

[Game Asset] My Pixel Art Spaceships Pack is now on Itch.io

I decided to give Itch.io another try and uploaded my pixel art spaceships pack there. Previously, I uploaded my Futuristic 2D Sprite Kit but sales were non-existent. One thing I did differently this time was to spice up the page with nicer backgrounds and banners.

Hopefully the pixel art spaceships pack will fare better this time.

[Game Asset] Pixel Art Spaceships For SHMUP

About two weeks ago, I released my second game asset “Pixel Art Spaceships For SHMUP” on both GameDevMarket and Scirra Store. I’m happy to say that the response for this asset has been great and I’m currently working on adding more ships to the pack soon.

Asset Contents

  • 28 small spaceships (within 48 x 48 pixels)
  • 5 large spaceships (within 128 x 128 pixels)
  • Comes in both .PSD and .PNG format

If you have already purchased Pixel Art Spaceships For SHMUP, thank you so much for your support. Look forward to more game assets in the near future.