Game Assets

Pixel Enemies for SHMUP

What’s a shoot em up game without cool looking enemies? Pixel Enemies for SHMUP consists of over 30 enemy ship sprites including boss enemies. Available over at, GameDevMarket and Unity Store.

Animated Pixel Planes

Animated Pixel Planes contains 8 different ships, with each ships having two different versions (Normal and Powered Up). All ships have 3 frame tilt animations and 4 frame thrusters animations. Other sprites included in this pack are character pilot portraits, support ship, icons, projectiles, and shield. Check the listing for the full list of objects. Available over at and GameDevMarket.

Pixel Art Spaceships for SHMUP

Pixel Art Spaceships For SHMUP contains over 50 uniquely designed spaceships. They are available at, GameDevMarket and Unity Store.

Pixel SideScroller Spaceships

Pixel SideScroller Spaceships contains over 50 unique ships. This sprite pack is perfect for making retro-style sidescroller shooter games with a futuristic theme. They are available at, GameDevMarket and Unity Store.

Pixel SideScroller Background City

Pixel Sidescroller Background City contains 4 different scenes (daytime, sunset, evening, abandoned city). Each layer is separated, allowing you to customize the scene to fit your needs.

They are available at and GameDevMarket.

Pixel House Set

Pixel House Set contains over 40 objects to make the ideal house or apartment scene for your games. Files included are in .PSD , .PNG and .ASE (Aseprite) formats. They are available at and GameDevMarket.