Game Assets

Thank you for checking out my pixel art game assets. For the full list of assets (including free ones) please visit livingtheindie.itchio. Some of these assets are also available on my Unity Store and GameDevMarket store.

Pixel art spaceships for shoot em up games (SHMUP) game asset. Over 50 uniquely designed ships.
Pixel Art Spaceships for Shoot Em Up Games Game Asset
Pixel enemies for SHMUP game asset. Over 35 uniquely designed enemies. Great asset for shoot em up games.
Pixel Enemies for SHMUP Game Asset
Animated Pixel Ships game asset. 8 ship designs that has 2 versions - normal and powered up. Each ship has 3 animations. Also includes pilot portraits, projectiles and more.
Animated Pixel Ships Game Asset
Pixel sidescroller spaceships game assets. Over 60 uniquely designed ships with some enemies included in the mix. Some ships are animated
Pixel Sidescroller Spaceships Game Asset
pixel sidescroller background city game asset. Includes 6 different scenes including a futuristic cyberpunk city design.
Pixel Sidescroller Background City Game Asset
Pixel Gunner Prototype game asset. Includes various animations from running to jumping and sliding.
Pixel Gunner Prototype Game Asset
Pixel House Set game asset. Simple top down assets for making a house scene.
Pixel House Set Game Asset
pixel household icons game asset
Pixel Household Icons
pixel cyberpunk interior game asset
(FREE) Pixel Cyberpunk Interior
Want to make your first run and gun game? Download this free game asset which includes 2 characters.
(FREE) Pixel Sidescroller Character