New Pixel Art Space Background and Asset Bundle

I recently released a brand new background asset called “Pixel Art Space Background SHMUP“. There are multiple layers to this asset, allowing game developers to customize it to their liking. You can create an outer space scene or an indoor scene. Check the preview images over at my Itch store for more info.

I’ve also created a special bundle containing all of my top down shoot-em-up assets over at Itch as well.

Also, if you like to see what I’m currently working and would like to support me at the same time, please check out my Patreon. Thank you!

New Asset Release Pixel Sidescroller Background City

Hi everyone. I’m happy to announce my that my new asset “Pixel Sidescroller Background City” is now available on and GameDevMarket. This asset pack consists of 4 scenes: Daytime, Sunset, Evening and Abandoned. Each layer is separated, allowing you to customize the scene to fit your needs. This pack goes well with my other pack “Pixel Sidescroller Spaceships”, also available on and GameDevMarket.