Pixel Sidescroller Background City Update

pixel art city scenes for shoot em up games (SHMUP) game asset. Includes 6 different scenes.

Pixel Sidescroller Background City has been updated to version 1.2.1.

In this update, I’ve incorporated smaller buildings and objects in all six scenes to create a more distant perspective and optimize screen space.

This update is now live over at my Itch.io and GameDevMarket page. Unity Store version is still waiting for approval.

About Pixel Sidescroller Background City

Pixel Sidescroller Background City is a pixel art style game asset build for sidescroller shoot em up (SHMUP) in mind.

This set includes 6 different scenes, each with their own unique look and feel. You’ll find buildings for a bustling metropolis during the day, a dramatic sunset, a night time scene, abandoned buildings reminiscence of a collapsed society, a snowy / rain scene, and a cyberpunk-inspired version.

Each image is separated as its own PNG file with a transparent background, making it easy to drop them into your game and start using them right away. The transparent background also allows you to mix and match assets between scenes or easily integrate with any existing game assets you may have.